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Untreated periodontal disease can cause bone loss in the jawbone and around the teeth. This bone loss can greatly increase your chances for tooth loss because without the support of the surrounding bone, teeth become loose and susceptible to decay. Once a tooth has been lost, bone loss will occur in the jawbone as the body resorbs the bone. Bone loss in the jawbone can make wearing dentures difficult and uncomfortable. However, simple techniques can be used to halt bone loss and regrow previously lost bone. These techniques are usually used when planning for a dental implant or to improve esthetics beneath a fixed bridge.

Guided tissue bone regeneration is usually performed using membrane barriers, tissue stimulating proteins, or bioactive growth factor gels. However, occasionally bone from other parts of the body is needed. Bone can be harvested from your own body or it can be found in tissue banks or using synthetic materials. 

The goal of guided tissue bone regeneration is to stimulate the body to grow new bone or to hold the space for bone to regenerate into.


The Benefits

Guided tissue bone regeneration helps the body to regenerate bone that has been lost due to periodontal disease. Through this process, other teeth in the mouth have a greater chance of remaining healthy and it will also help reduce your odds of developing serious health complications associated with periodontal disease. Additionally, dentures will fit more comfortably and, if considering dental implants, increase your candidacy for the procedure. 

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