Patient Testimonials
"I was not happy when I learned that I would finally need a gum graft. I knew friends and family who had similar procedures and recalled that their recovery was painful. I was not looking forward to the experience. However, Dr. Kania and her staff are focused on making you as comfortable as possible during and after the surgery and it must work because much to my surprise I did not find the recovery to be painful ... uncomfortable but not painful. Although areas of my mouth were sore, the discomfort mostly had to do with not being used to the bandages on my gums and the stent that was used to protect the roof of my mouth. Of course the limited diet was challenging and I did lose weight because of it … which for me was a positive consequence. I had no apprehension about going through the surgery again and within 5 months Dr. Kania completed my second gum graft! I attribute the difference between my experience and those of my friends and family to Dr Kania (and the stent). Much to my surprise no one had used a stent to protect the roof of their mouth after the surgery. So if your gums are receding and your roots are decaying do not put off the surgery, I highly recommend you contact Dr Kania. You will be glad you did! I know I am."
March 2012

"Dr. Kania has been instrumental in improving my dental health since visiting her office in May of 2010. She has completed several procedures since that time, all with wonderful results. I very much appreciate that Dr. Kania works closely with my Dentist and Endodontist, so that I have a coordinated, cohesive plan. Her team of Christine and Nicole are important elements to what works, and I have appreciated their caring approach to my dental health challenges. My teeth and gums are so much more healthy than they had been previously, and I am pain free for the first time in five years! Her thorough and compassionate approach is unparalleled. Highly recommend."
February 2012

"Dr. Kania's new location is wonderful and relaxing, specially with her staff that are caring and considerate.  Hard to find in the dental field.  Dr. Kania's medical knowledge surpasses any other perio out there. Her training is exceptual in periodonistry and it shows.  If you don't like denists and dental work, this place is for you.  If a denist told you to pull a tooth, make a consultation appointment now or give a call.  That is how you can have a true smile for lifetime."
-Don M.
July 9, 2009

"Grafts, laser work, implants all done to perfection. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Kania."
January 16, 2011

"What a pleasant experience it was to be a patient of Dr. Kania. She has the unsusual combination of excellent personal skills and one of the most outstanding professional backgrounds and high level of expertise that I have experienced for any of my doctors. I recommend Dr Kania to my closest friends and family members."
October 21, 2010

"Dr. Kania is a very caring and concerned dentist. She did gum surgery on me and was very thorough. She is very nice and pleasant to deal with. Her office is very nice. I would recommend her for any dental surgery."
November 25, 2004

"Dr Kania was referred to me by my dentist as being the best in the business, which I have to believe.I have been going to Dr Kania for the last 3 years, and had 4 (yes four!) gum grafts in different areas of my mouth.Over the years both Dr Kania and her team have consistently been excellent -- professional, careful, thoughtful, and almost always punctual (which I find to be rare nowadays with any kind of doctor). You can feel that she is a perfectionist, and loves her job. Those are very important characteristics to me when it comes to my health or work on my body.Personally, I would not go to anyone else."
Solana Beach, CA
May 22, 2013

"Our patient came in for a routine prophylaxis and exam. Her present periodontal condition is excellent, considering the situation you encountered in …. Your treatment was miraculous. She has isolated probings of no more than 4 mm, no bleeding on probing and is doing an excellent job with her oral hygiene. Thanks so much!"
Dentist Of Our Mutual Patient
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